Agia 2.0 Release Notes

This document contains the release notes for Agia rapid Symbian application development tool for changes that have taken place since Version 1.0.


Agia is a rapid application development environment for native (C++) Symbian Series 60 applications. It consists of two parts: Agia tool and code generator that runs on a workstation and Agia application framework that resides as a dynamic link library in the target device (or in emulator filesystem). Agia tool is used to design the graphical user interface of the application, to generate C++ code that upholds the current design and to build the application with command line build tools of the Symbian Series 60 SDK. Agia application framework implements the core functionality of every Agia application in the target device.

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What's New?

The following are the highlights of the new features in Agia 2.0:

New programming language
Agia 2.0 has been entirely re-written by using the Java programming language in order to achieve greater portability.

Support for Nokia Series 60
Agia 2.0 introduces a design environment and decent set of UI widgets forSymbian Series 60 applications.

Agia developers may extend the set of standard UI widgets supported by Agia with their own Symbian UI controls by wrapping them by a fairly straight-forward manner and introducing them to Agia tool.

What's Included?

The binary distribution of this release includes the following files relevant to Agia 2.0:

This directory and its subdirectories contains all necessary application binaries (e.g., Standard Widget Toolkit) for Agia's graphical application design tool running on a workstation. The user executables are:

Batch file executing Agia design tool.

Similar to agiatool.bat but outputs (error) messages to console.

Agia uninstaller. Uninstalls Agia from the workstation.

The directory containing Agia online help documentation in Microsoft HTML Help format (agiaguide.chm).

This directory contains samples of user's own Symbian UI controls wrapped as Agia widgets.

java/ This directory contains Java code needed for introducing user's own UI controls to Agia tool's widget toolbar.

symbian/ This directory contains Symbian code both for user's own sample UI control and for wrapping it as an Agia framework widget.

This directory contains sample applications designed by the Agia tool. The samples include both Agia project files and source code.

This directory contains necessary header files and binaries in order to build Agia applications and to run them both in the target device and in the emulator.

This directory contains target device build of the Agia framework.

This directory contains default icons for Agia applications.

This directory contains Agia framework C++ header files.

This directory contains a Symbian multi-bitmap file containing various bitmaps used internally by Agia framework.

This directory contains a wins build of the Agia framework. The library is used within wins emulator.

This directory contains binaries for UI widgets supported by the Agia tool. Widgets are contained in plugins and each plugin is a JAR file.

The core UI widgets used by Agia.

The samples of user's own extension UI widgets.


The set of UI widgets in Agia is not extensive. Agia lacks even some basic widgets like dialogs, images, combo boxes, choice lists, etc. In addition, the supported widgets may lack support for some particular styles or variants. However, the target of the Agia project has not been to concentrate in implementing a complete toolbox of widgets, but to show the applicability of the Agia concept with a decent set of essential widgets.

VTT 15 Nov 2005